Riots suspended due to bad light and rain

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Rain and bad light has suspended play on the fifth day of rioting with a draw now expected to be the likely outcome.

Rioters dominated proceeding in the early stages, making heavy inroads into shops and vehicles, but the police fought back in the later stages before dark clouds and rain put a halt to proceedings, much to the disappointment of a captive audience.

“It’s a shame,” said one fan of violent disturbances. “I tuned in last night to watch the action, but because of the rain all they showed were highlights.”

“I don’t know we bother scheduling riots in the north of England, because you simply can’t rely on the weather not to ruin it for everyone.”

Rains suspends play

Both sides will be disappointed that there will be no outright winner, but they can take confidence from a contest which had numerous highlights.

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“I feel we really took the fight to the police,” said one rioter.

“We showed great determination and dominated the opening exchanges, though they did came back strongly on day four.”

“But I think overall we can take a number of positives from our performance.”

The police were also upbeat despite the rain delay.

“Obviously it’s disappointing that play was stopped just when I felt we were getting on top, but I think the resilience and fighting spirit we showed is testament to the character of the lads,” revealed Stephen Kavanagh, Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

“There’s talk of cuts, but if this group can stay together than I think we’re capable of achieving something special.”

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