Government blamed after ‘bored’ teenager resorts to picking up a book

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Government policy has once again come under intense scrutiny after a bored teenager in the Berkshire town of Maidenhead said he was left with no choice but to start reading a book.

Many experts have suggested that a lack of opportunities and reduced government funding for ‘things to do’ could see yet more young people picking up printed materials for so-called ‘entertainment’.

As one teenager told us, “We’re young, bored and restless – and there’s absolutely nothing going on, so what do you expect?

“You can criticise me all you like but I only started reading a book because the government hasn’t given me something better to do.”

Social worker Simon Williams said, “These young teenagers don’t know any better, and to be honest we should have predicted this ‘reading’ behaviour when the government cuts meant they would have to try and entertain themselves for five minutes.

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“I’ve said all along that unless the government spends millions on youth centres equipped with computer games and pool tables, then a whole generation could be lost to the libraries.”

Bored teenagers

Parents have repeatedly claimed that they should not be blamed for their children turning to books, and that these bad habits are only picked up in ‘schools’ when they are supposed to be supervised by government employees.

Tracey Davis, a mother of two teenagers recently caught reading on CCTV, told us, “I’m hugely embarrassed, obviously.

“When you first showed me those pictures of my eldest sat there with his head in a book I was sure it must have been someone else.

“I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Why couldn’t he be out there on the streets like all the other bored teenagers, finding ways to entertain themselves.

“I’m not sure what else I could do?”

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