People who believed Internet Explorer IQ story to continue eating crayons

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After it was revealed that the Internet Explorer IQ story was a hoax, those who believed it reacted by saying, ‘you should try the red ones, they’re a bit waxy but also very delicious’.

The research was released by a group called ApTiquant and a spokesperson said, “You didn’t really believe that did you? Really? In that case you would like to swap something for these magic beans, go for a long stand or buy Jedward’s new album?”

Although the original report has been revealed as an elaborate hoax some feel that the story itself was part of a wider research programme.

Media analyst Sarah Hartley said, “I believe the IE story itself is being used to study intelligence.”

“In time it will emerge that there is a correlation between a low IQ and journalists who believe anything they read on the internet.”

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IQs overrated anyway

Asked whether stories like this would encourage reporters to properly investigate stories and stop just re-hashing press releases she replied, “I think you’ve been at the Crayolas again if you believe that.”

Those hardest hit by the revelation that the IE research was fake were spoof news websites. Many sites enjoyed making fun of those stupid enough to still be using Internet Explorer without knowing who the real butt of the joke was.

A spokesperson for NewsThump said, “We do our best to ensure all our victims are real and genuine, but we’re big enough to admit our mistakes when we invariably make them.”

“So you’re now reading a spoof article that’s lampooning a spoof website for writing a spoof article which was based on what we now know to be spoof research.”

“I hoped that’s cleared everything up? And you should try the black ones, they’re the tastiest.”

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