Legalising CD ripping for personal use allows everyone to carry on as normal

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News that the government is poised to announce that personal CD and DVD ripping will no longer be illegal has allowed millions of people to carry on doing what they’ve always done anyway.

Business secretary Vince Cable is to announce that people can carry on doing what they would have been doing anyway safe in the knowledge that there still won’t be any consequences whatsoever at a press conference later today.

People that have become embroiled in the seedy world of converting films on DVDs and music on CDs into a format that they can move around more easily have been buoyed by the news.

“It’s a real weight of my mind knowing that I can now rip CDs just like I always have without any of the fear that I’ve never had,” revealed 25 year old James Walsh.

Simon Levine, head of the intellectual property and technology group at DLA Piper, said “If you have a situation where 90% of your population is doing something that you’ve deemed illegal, then it’s not really a very good law.”

“With this in mind we would also recommend the legalisation of getting ripped to the back tits on marijuana.”