Essex woman who careered off coastal road stranded for 8 hours ‘in wrong shoes’

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A woman who drove off a foggy road near the Essex coast was left stranded for eight hours yesterday after wearing completely inappropriate shoes for the short walk back to the carriageway.

“It was terrifying”, said 26 year-old Vicky Davies, who’s car plunged through yards of sticky mud and a considerable amount of litter.

“Jimmy Choos just aren’t built for hiking. I was at a complete loss.”

After listening to a CD for a bit and putting on some make-up using a mirror which someone had conveniently stuck to the windscreen, Vicky lost track of time.

“I couldn’t be sure how long I’d been there”, said Vicky. “I wasn’t sure if my boyfriend had put the time forward yet on the radio.”

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Vicky eventually phoned the speaking clock for advice. “We chatted about the time, mainly. I tried to turn the conversation to fashion, and ask where my hazard lights were, but it was a pretty one-way conversation.”


There was a brief window of hope for Vicky, when her nephew phoned up to ask about girls.

“I explained my predicament and he remembered seeing something on the internet about how to get out of these situations.”

“Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a torrent for the Italian Job, so we just slagged off his Dad and I told him how to get a bra off. I don’t see how the Italian Job would have helped anyway: I’ve got a Ford.”

Police were impressed with the bravery shown by Vicky, who is now advising other motorists to keep an emergency set of mules in the glovebox.

The alarm was eventually raised by the morning shift of the McDonalds where she was stranded.

“They say that if I’d have got out of the other side, I could have stepped straight into the car park”, said Mary.

“But I could never have climbed into the passenger seat in this skirt.”