Norwegian gunman has given hate-filled racists a bad name, insist EDL

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As links between gunman Anders Breivik and the EDL emerged the far-right group responded by saying that its members are able to draw a line between ‘intolerance and hatred’ and ‘gun-toting killing spree’.

A spokesperson for the EDL, Joseph Butler, said, “In situations like this its easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and start to question the actions of all decent, hard-working racists.”

“But it’s important to understand that we are a non-violent organisation. We are committed to making the lives of people who aren’t like us a living hell by exclusively peaceful means.”

“Yes we share a common ideology with Mr. Breivik but in this situation our mantra is – love the racism, hate the racist.”

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Rival racists the BNP appealed to those who had become disillusioned with the EDL to join their party.

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Chairman Rudolph Lee said, “Don’t be fooled by the weasely words of the EDL, it is the BNP that provides a true home for hate-filled moderates in Britain today.”

“Of course, like the EDL, we’ve been involved in verbal abuse, violent threats and intimidating behaviour, but we’ve been on Panorama so we can pretend our views have some credibility. And we’ve got better biscuits at our meetings.”

There have been calls by some to outlaw the EDL saying that ‘intolerance and hatred’ has no place in modern society.

EDL member Henry Green responded angrily to those suggestions. He said, “One of the things that made England great is freedom of speech and its openness to all different types of views.”

“And no, I don’t see a contradiction between being tolerant of opinions and being intolerant of people because I’m a very, very stupid person.”

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