James Murdoch criticised for poor quality lying

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News International chairman James Murdoch is facing yet more criticism after it became apparent that his lying during the media committee questioning was not of the standard expected from senior staff at News Corp.

Murdoch’s insincere denial of knowing about an e-mail which told him exactly what was going in terms of phone-hacking has quickly been exposed as ‘bullshit’.

Former editor Colin Myler fumed, “Once again, Mr Murdoch is letting everyone down with his shockingly incompetence lying, especially when under pressure.”

“All he has to do is sit there and act dumb, like his dad, and no-one’s going to dare question him.”

“But no, he has to keep trying to prove to his old man that he’s got what it takes to take over at News Corp by coming up with ludicrous excuses which fail to meet the standards of talking bollocks that we consider necessary.”

“Andy Coulson could teach him a thing or two, that’s for sure.”

Murdoch lies ‘unconvincing’

BBC business editor Robert Peston has been a key figure as the revelations have continued, telling the public nothing understandable despite supposedly having good internal sources.

“Well, this could be an important development of who knew what and when,” Peston confirmed.

“Then again, it could be Myler lying in a far more believable manner than James Murdoch, and who would bet against that?”

“Myler and other former NoW executives have somehow kept themselves out of trouble for years, so can we really believe a word he says?”

“One thing’s for sure – you won’t be getting the answer from me.”