Missing person search ends after George Osborne caught on camera

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The search for the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne could be at an end after he was spotted sitting next to a man who was desperately trying to blag his way out of trouble.

Mr Osborne, who has been described as leading a pro-News International faction within the government, had been missing for some time, leading to accusations that he’s way up to his neck in foul-smelling News Corp excrement and filth.

“Suggestions that George Osborne is desperately trying to stay out of the limelight because he doesn’t want to face any awkward questions about his relationship with News International, and how he recommended Andy Coulson to the Prime Minister are seriously wide of the mark,” insisted a Downing Street Spokesperson.

“The truth is that the he’s been extremely busy doing some really tricky chancellory type stuff that is definitely very important.”

George Osborne spotted

The Prime Minister also defended the chancellor, and insisted that the government were being completely transparent in the investigation into phone-hacking and corruption.

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“We will be completely open throughout this investigation. If it transpires that Andy Coulson has lied over his involvement in the allegations then I will offer a profound apology.”

“Isn’t that right, George?”