Financial advisers helping people make money for financial advisers, reveals investigation

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An investigation carried out by Consumer Focus has indicated that financial advisers are offering excellent advice to anyone wanting to make lots of money for financial advisers.

The government body has drawn the conclusion that anybody who wants to switch their pension to policies charging higher commission or take out insurance that they don’t actually need should contact a financial adviser without delay.

“Financial advisers are second to none when it comes to finding the best deals for financial advisers,” revealed chair of Consumer Focus, Christine Farnish.

“In these times of austerity it is increasingly important that financial advisers know the best deals for financial advisers, and fortunately, our investigation discovered that most of them are more than well-informed enough.”

“If people want the peace of mind that you get from having a policy that ensures financial advisers own a BMW and a lifetime supply of Pringle sweaters, then pick up the phone now.”

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Financial advice

Consumers have also spoken positively about how financial advisers go about their business.

“Usually if criminals want to get their hands on your money they break into your house or beat you up,” said 57 year-old Maureen Dempsey.

“At least financial advisers have the decency to ring your doorbell first.”