U2 to headline Commons media committee hearing

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U2 are set to perform their biggest gig to date, after being announced as the headline act at this afternoon’s Commons media committee hearing with James and Rupert Murdoch, and Rebekah Brooks.

This afternoon’s session is expected to draw the largest ever audience for a government production, and as such organisers are keen to ensure the finale is remembered as ‘spectacular’.

The parliamentary booking secretary told us, “How do you top the Murdochs? It’s a tough one, certainly.”

“We’re sure the audience will have been whipped up into a frenzy by their performance, and as such U2 are the perfect act to close the show.”

“We needed someone who invokes a similar emotional response to that brought on by the Murdochs, and to be fair Bono fits the bill perfectly.”

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Commons media committee hearing

Fans of News International have welcomed the announcement, insisting that if anything is going to make the NI crew’s performance at the hearing appear more palatable, it’s the immediate sight of Bono screeching at you.

Bono spoke of his excitement at the opportunity, telling reporters, “We’ve got some tough acts to follow, certainly. They’re proper legends, this lot.”

“But we’ve played some big gigs before, so I think we’ll be fine – well, just as long as Rupert Murdoch doesn’t do his ‘you can’t handle the truth!’ number.”

“There’s no way we could follow that.”