Lulzsec hackers claim responsibility for fifteen years of The Sun’s web-drivel

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Anonymous hackers collective ‘Lulzsec’ have this morning taken full responsibility for the fifteen years of made-up drivel found at the web domain

The group came forward last night to announce it had hacked the website in 1996, and had been populating it with childish content ever since.

A spokesperson for the group told us, “We knew they were ostensibly a ‘newspaper’, so we broke in, and for fifteen years populated it with pictures of boobs and a few words of no more than two syllables.”

“We think it’s hilarious that for fifteen years visitors to that site have been met with the complete nonsense we created, instead of the news they were perhaps expecting.”

“The best part is that large numbers of morons didn’t even notice. We created a web entity with all the journalistic integrity of a soiled nappy, and they still lapped it up.”

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Lulzsec hacked The Sun

Media analysts have said it may take quite some time for The Sun to recover it’s tattered image, all thanks to the utter garbage Lulzsec posted day in, day out for one hundred and eighty months.

Former reporters Michael Williams told us, “As practical jokes go, it’s pretty much the best there’s ever been.”

“I bet the British public feel really stupid now, having been conned into reading that shite since Euro ’96.”

“Now, if we can just find out who hacked their printing presses The Sun can get back to putting together a newspaper for people with a reading age above six.”