Paul McMullan installed as bookmakers favourite for Stereotype Of The Year

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Former News of The World Deputy features editor Paul McMullan has been installed as the bookmakers favourite for Stereotype of the year, following his impressive portrayal of ‘sleazy tabloid hack’ during the past week.

McMullan has appeared on several television shows as the only person willing to defend the phone hacking tactics of his former employer, whilst also helping viewers develop a very real image of what a modern tabloid journalist actually looks like.

Judging panel member Sheila Williams told us, “What Paul has done is take the stereotypical caricature of a sleazy journalist, and wrap a crumpled beige suit around it.”

“It takes a special talent to make such a vile character seem real, but he’s achieved it with aplomb.”

“Of course, there’s a very fine line between the perceived appearance of a sleazy tabloid journalist, and a paedophile, and Paul has certainly strayed to the wrong side of that line a few times.”

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“That said, he’s done a fine job overall in bringing tabloid journalism alive for members of the public.”

McMullan stereotype victory

McMullan has come from nowhere in the last few days, with bookmakers admitting they thought no-one could catch former Brookside actor Brian Regan in his attempt to reinforce the Scouser stereotype following his arrest for violent crime.

A Paddy Power spokesperson told us, “We’d stopped taking bets to be honest, but McMullan has come from nowhere and blown everyone away.”

“His portrayal of ‘amoral tabloid journalist’ is a runny-egg stain on his shirt away from perfection.”