Duchess of Cambridge wows America with ability to wear clothes

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Gawping Americans have been left spellbound after the Duchess of Cambridge spent the weekend successfully wearing clothes.

During a whirlwind weekend visit with her husband, Prince William, she displayed a number of attributes considered essential for successful modern monarching.

Having already dazzled Canadians with her tree-planting skills and the accuracy she displayed when waving in the direction of people, it had been feared that she might suffer burnout as the rigorous schedule started to take its toll.

These fears were quickly allayed as she appeared completely at ease with the situation, leading one commentator to remark that she looked like someone who’d been “wearing clothes all her life”.

The Duke, who is more accustomed to the sort of attention associated with being a royal, showed his experience by bravely shaking hands with over-excited grown-ups, and looking interested when talking to David Beckham.

Royals wow US

Pictures of the Duchess trying to engage in conversation with unintelligible toddlers, has fuelled speculation that the couple could be about to embark on some contraceptive-free royal sex as they look to create the next generation of needy monarchs.

The duchess drew compliments from California residents, with one onlooker gushing “She’s only been a royal for a couple of months but already she makes looking effortless look effortless.

Stephen Fry, who was a guest at a Bafta showcae that was attended by the Duke and Duchess, gave his reaction on Twitter by tweeting several words when one would have done.