BBC accused of trying to bury bad news as Pat Butcher leaves EastEnders

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The BBC have been accused of using the furore surrounding the News of the World scandal to bury the bad news that Pat Butcher is to leave the long-running soap EastEnders.

Pat Butcher, who is played by someone with a real name, has featured in the prime-time weekday drama since 1986, and is admired for her ability to look either angry or sad regardless of the situation she is faced with.

The character’s most famous scenes in the show include the repeated use the word ‘cow’ and feature her slapping someone, or in a subtle twist, being slapped.

“I can’t believe that the BBC would be so cynical as to release this information while everyone is distracted by the goings on at the News of the World.” Said one devastated soap lunatic.

Eastenders tragedy

EastEnders is watched by millions of loyal viewers who are identified by their inability to distinguish between fiction and reality.

The character is much-loved by fans of the show, and is lovingly referred to as ‘Fat Pat’ on account of having a name that rhymes with her designated body shape.

Fan Sheila Matthews concluded, “Call me a cynic, but the BBC have used the meltdown of the nation’s tabloid media industry, and the political furore surrounding it, to try and sneak this one past me.”

“Well try again BBC, you’ve got to get up very early in the morning to try and get one past me.”