Yes, but did you find anything saucy, ask News of the World readers

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Readers of the News of the World have reacted with shock to the revelations of hacking the phones of dead soliders’ relatives, before asking if they found any saucy titbits for them.

The question comes as revelations about the News of The World’s illegal activity to find a story escalated to the point where no-one would be surprised to learn that Madeleine McCann was in Rupert Murdoch’s basement.

Today’s discovery of hacking into dead servicemen’s families was met with universal derision, before News of The World readers asked, “And what about photos, are there any good photos? Is she a looker?”

“I don’t care about the source, I just want to be mildly titillated whilst I pretend to be educating myself about current affairs.”

“Yes, yes, I know they did ‘a bad thing’, but did they find out anything interesting for me? And you can’t beat a holiday to shit British resort for £9.50, can you?”

News of the World readers

Media experts have said the current popularity of the News of the World says much about the standard of moron currently populating our island nation.

Consultant Simon Wallis told us, “We live in a country where the vast majority of people could name twenty WAGs before they could name four cabinet ministers.”

“The British public gets the media it deserves, unfortunately.”

“It’s really simple actually. If you don’t want this sort of thing happening, just stop buying tawdry photosheets that pretend to be newspapers.”

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