The ‘Sun on Sunday’ will definitely be a completely different paper, insist News International

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News International has announced the closure of the News Of The World, insisting that any hypothetical Sunday version of The Sun is purely coincidental and would be a completely different entity altogether, anyway.

News International chairman James Murdoch said the News Of The World would be closing forever, and that any News International newspaper that might take its place in the line-up of Sunday papers would be as different as it is possible to get.

His statement read, “Just because the desks will be the same, the reporters will be the same, and the content will be the same, you must remember that it will have a new name and you should therefore not tarnish it with the same brush as the now definitely dead News Of The World.”

“The new Sunday edition of The Sun, which I am not confirming in any way, shape or form, is a new idea completely unrelated to the revelations of the past few days.”

“I think you’re all making a stunning leap to suggest that the closing one Sunday title would have any influence whatsoever on a decision to launch a new Sunday title.”

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News Of The World closing

Bookmakers are already refusing to take bets on the launch date for a revamped News International Sunday tabloid.

A spokesperson for bookmaker Paddy Power told us, “We’re renowned for taking ridiculous loss-making bets, but letting people put money on there being a Sunday version of The Sun to replace the News of the World?”

“No, we’re not that stupid.”

“But we are offering 4-1 on it being called ‘Not The News Of The World’ if you’re interested?”

James Murdoch finished his address to News International staff by telling those present, “The News International Sunday tabloid is dead, long live the News International Sunday tabloid!”