NHS chiefs warn of rising waiting times for announcements of missed targets

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Senior figures in the NHS have sent out a warning that the increasing strain on budgets and staff will impact on the amount of time it takes them to announce future target failures.

The organisation is struggling to cope with the limited resources which remain after the public spending cuts, and there are now admissions that the government will experience longer waiting times for bad news from now on.

Mike Farrar of the NHS confederation reluctantly explained, “At the moment, it’s taking us up to 18 weeks to report what’s going wrong, and how badly it’s going wrong.”

“However, with the financial situation as it is, it’s going to take much longer for us to be sure about which part of the NHS is going under next.”

“There’s no way we’re going to be able to keep up with the government’s targets to inform them of missed targets.”

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A bit more than 18 weeks

Many NHS officials have claimed that the financial situation is the worst they’ve ever seen, and it seems inevitable that it will result in the government having to wait longer than their 18-week limit for bad news.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley confidently denied the claims, saying, “We are certain that the NHS will not exceed the 18-week limit we hold them to.”

“Not that they’ve told us that, yet.”

“There is confidence within the Coalition that our plans will result in better patient care and financial stability.”

“But we’re going to have to wait at least 18 weeks for that to be confirmed.”