Rebekah Brooks to tell Rebekah Brooks that Rebekah Brooks is innocent

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Rebekah Brooks has begun her investigation into Rebekah Brooks’ involvement in the News Of The World phone hacking scandal by telling Rebekah Brooks that Rebekah Brooks is completely innocent.

Brooks is leading the investigation into any wrongdoing on the part of Rebekah Brooks, and is expected to report any findings to Rebekah Brooks in the next few days.

Brooks told reporters, “I have spoken to Rebekah Brooks, and she has assured me that Rebekah Brooks was not aware of any phone hacking activity – I think that we should take Rebekah Brook’s word on that, don’t you?”

“I hope that we will now be able to put this whole sorry affair behind us, and look forward to a new era in News International being indistinguishable from BSkyB.”

“But if we need a further investigation into how Rebekah Brooks investigated Rebekah Brooks, then I can think of no-one better to lead that investigation than Rebekah Brooks.”

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Brooks investigating Brooks

Experts are predicting that an investigation by Rebekah Brooks into the behaviour of Rebekah Brooks is sure to lead to fireworks in the News International offices.

A former News International senior staff manager told us, “I’ve been interviewed by Rebekah Brooks, and she’s a ferocious interrogator when it comes to getting at a story.”

“I’ve also interviewed Rebekah Brooks, and she’s a wily opponent, highly-skilled in avoiding the question.”

“So I really think Rebekah Brooks may well have met her match here.”

“Oh to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.”