Complaints as thousands experience uninterrupted coverage of Haye v Klitschko

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Sky TV has apologised to thousands of boxing fans who endured the disappointment of sitting through David Haye’s alleged fight with Wladimir Klitschko without any interruptions whatsoever.

Sky, who put the problem down to people ordering the pay-per-view event well in advance, are giving those viewers who were unfortunate enough to be unaffected by technical problems the chance to watch a re-run of a blank screen absolutely free of charge.

“We would like to apologise to viewers who didn’t suffer any problems accessing fight coverage,” said a Sky spokesperson.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control the promised fight was replaced by two men awkwardly dancing around and occasionally hugging each other.”

During the fight, Sky’s Twitter feed urged those experiencing the fight to “please flick over to the SyFy channel as there’s a much better fight about to start featuring Sharkatron v Croctopus’.”

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Haye v Klitschko

Boxing fans who forked out £14.95 to watch the fight have criticised Sky, and insisted that the opportunity to watch a replay of the technical difficulties isn’t enough.

“Watching repeats of technical problems isn’t the same as watching them live.” complained one disappointed viewer.

“The least people deserve is a full refund.”

“If I’d wanted to watch two men dripping with sweat and having a cuddle, I’d have watched the ten minute freeview on Red Hot and Butch.”