Ed Milibot fails Turing Test

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Ed Milibot 2.0, the labour leadership robot, has failed spectacularly in its latest attempts to convince the general public that under interview conditions it can communicate like a real live human being.

The latest attempt to pass the famous Turing test came during an interview regarding yesterday’s public sector strikes in which the robot was caught in a continuous loop of tedious pre-prepared audio sound-bites.

Software engineer Mike Williams told us, “We’ve long felt that a politician robot stands the best chance of passing the Turing test, as the real ones rarely take note of the question asked, and tend to deliver only the answer they prepared hours earlier.”

“The trick is to not keep delivering that same answer, to consecutive questions, time and time again – regardless of the words leaving the interviewers mouth.”

“If they can master that, we might have a functioning robot political leader within a few years.”

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“As it is, this one will probably be melted down, which to be honest we should have finished after someone accidentally melted shut it’s nasal cavity a few years ago.”

Ed Milibot

The attempt to pass the Turing test was cut short when one of the Milibots engineers came into the room to smack it round the back of the head, muttering “bloody piece of shit”.

Another said, “I hope this latest robotic disaster has proven once and for all that machines can not think, and I see no reason for us to continue in the childish pursuit of trying to prove they can.  It’s getting embarrassing.”

“Let’s leave the Milibot to make tea and run a vacuum around the place every now and again, and leave the politics to real human beings.”

The spectacular Milibot failure can be seen below, or by following this link: Ed Milibot

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