Murray ‘philosophical’ about forthcoming defeat to Nadal

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Andy Murray has admitted he is frustrated that he will suffer defeat in another semi-final at Wimbledon but has already put the future behind him, vowing to come back stronger next year.

The 24-year-old will face Rafael Nadal on Friday and has already begun expressing his disappointment about the imminent annihilation, and about missing out on being Britain’s first men’s finalist for 73 years.

But Murray has come to terms with his fate and has promised to take some time out to think about what will go wrong, hoping that a period of reflection will help him to come back as a better player for the experience, and maybe even a better person.

“It is heartbreaking,” the Scotsman confessed, clearly crestfallen about what the near future holds. “But I’ve done my crying already.”

“Now I’m just going to try to take some comfort in the fact that, though I’ll be suffering a harsh lesson on Friday, it’ll be dished out by the best player in the world.”

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Nadal insistent

Murray’s search for a Wimbledon title will go on after he notches up his third consecutive semi-final defeat in two days time, but the man that will beat him has insisted that the Scotsman ‘will break his duck very soon, if a few other players retire’.

Murray responded, “It’s nice to hear Rafa say that, obviously, but it doesn’t make the inevitability of having my badly bruised backside handed to me on a plate on Friday any easier.”

“But once that happens, I’ll be able to lock myself away from the outside world in a dark room for a couple of weeks of solemn, sullen self-flagellation.”

“It’ll be the ideal preparation for coming to terms with my next semi-final.”

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