Vietnamese slam police for roasting dogs without any seasoning

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Britain’s Vietnamese community has condemned the Metropolitan Police after they roasted two of their succulent dogs without any chilli or even a hint of lemongrass.

Community leaders praised officers for cooking the meat toward the end of the lunar cycle but questioned the preparation methods after it emerged that the meat had not been skinned or covered in foil to retain its moisture.

Spokesman for the Ho Chi Minh Hound Lovers Society, Vo Nguyen Giap, said, “No wonder nobody ate it.”

“It would have been dry and chewy and nobody likes to find hair on their dog. It’s as bad as finding fish bones in your cod fillet.”

“And I think an hour is far too long to leave your pets without checking to see if they need turning or basting. You should never neglect your food.”

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Nguyen believes the incident shows a lack of respect for the animals, adding, “Dogs should be treated with love or they will just end up tasting like dog food.”

He also criticised the use of German and Belgian mutts when using locally sourced animals could help British breeders while helping to cut down on CO2 emissions.

“You have a wonderful range of terriers in this country that haven’t really been explored in culinary terms,” Nguyen continued. “It’s a sinful waste.”

“But I can understand that people may be reluctant to eat these dogs right now as they’re currently out of season.”

“I mean – it’s six months until Christmas.”

The Metropolitan Police have responded by saying that they have taken all the criticism from the Vietnamese community on board, but will be trying to refrain from cooking any more of their dogs any time soon.