Boxer disappointed in other boxer’s threats of violence

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Boxer Wladimir Klitschko has said he is disappointed after boxer David Haye told reporters he wanted throw some punches his way ahead of Saturday’s heavyweight title fight in Germany.

Klitschko expressed his dismay after Haye was quoted as saying that he intended to “repeatedly punch him in the face until his is unconscious and probably bleeding.”

The Ukrainian told reporters, “I’ve told my lawyers, and we’re pretty sure a threat of this nature will go before the UK’s CPS in due course.”

“Of course, if he does actually hurt me then we’ll have the whole issue of premeditated violence to address, and that won’t look good for Haye at all.”

“I’d hoped we could resolve our differences like gentlemen, without the repeated attempts to push a fist through the back of each others skulls, but it appears this was nothing more than a pipe dream.”

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Klitschko upset

Saturday’s fight is sure to have an extra edge now that one of the boxers has said some words about hurting the other boxer, much to the annoyance of that boxer.

Boxing commentator Ian Darke told reporters, “Not only do we have two men going into the ring to hurt each other, but we’ve got them putting the media into a frenzy by clearly articulating their intentions well in advance.”

“That’s well worth £14.95 of anyone’s money.  What more could the nation’s fight fans possibly ask for?”

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