Drugs can cause drowsiness and a love for Hitler, insists John Galliano

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John Galliano has justified his declaration of love for Adolf Hitler by claiming that it was one of those adverse side effects of anti-depressants.

The British fashion designer has gone on trial relating to several incidents of racism but lawyers are confident that the case will be thrown out of court after the client presented a defence which they have described as ‘watertight’.

“The pills that were prescribed to turn me onto the path of happiness actually turned me into an angry little diva,” Galliano told the court.

“But the thought that the gas chamber was the greatest invention since the swastika armband had never been in me before, and so one can only assume that it must be among the ingredients of anti-depressants – probably the e-numbers.”

No memory

The former creative director at Dior is also running a concurrent line of defence which appears to be based upon the philosophy of the embarrassing drunkard.

“I have no recollection of any of it,” Galliano continued. “And if you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen, right?”

When asked if he would have excused Hitler for the holocaust if he had been drunk, he responded, “I don’t remember that, either. But darling, what’s to forgive?”

Galliano went on to express his desire to return to making clothes that nobody ever wears by saying, “It’s like a great man once said – ‘Work sets you free’.”