Serena Williams scares off opponent with rhino distress call

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Serena Williams has begun the defence of her territory by replicating the sounds that rhino mothers use to deter attacks upon their young.

The current Wimbledon champion won the patch of grass from the elder sibling in her herd two mating seasons ago, and is again facing challenges to take her place within the pack.

But while some nubile females will cope with her powerful serve and forceful groundstrokes, few will cope with her range of calls from the animal kingdom.

“She’s got the lot,” BBC pundit Boris Becker declared. “And it makes her an even more frightening prospect.”

“She may have started slowly yesterday with the dingo howl but it still proves useful when your opponent is scared of dogs.”

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“And it wasn’t long before the poor girl was looking for somewhere to hide, seeing Serena stampeding with the sounds of the big game beasts.”


Now that the first challenger has been frightened off, many experts feel that Serena Williams is the favourite among the field.

“She’s still the alpha female as far as I’m concerned,” BBC pundit Tim Henman insisted. “And she’d probably be the alpha male too, if she were coming up against me.”

“But at some point she’ll come up against equally fearsome growlers like her sister and Maria Sharapova.”

“And then I’m afraid that it might all be down to the tennis.”

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