I prefer a good knob gag, insists Dalai Lama

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An Australian television presenter has been left red-faced after the Dalai Lama told him live on air that what he really enjoys is a good joke about dicks.

The Dalai Lama was left unmoved after Today presenter Karl Stefanovic told him a joke about having a Pizza server ‘make me one with everything’, leaving the Buddhist leader to explain what he actually finds funny.

A crew member explained, “The Dalai Lama asked Stefanovic in hushed tones, ‘What’s pink and wrinkly and hangs out your trousers? Your Nan!’ He thought it was hilarious, and went in to great detail to explain the play on words and why you might think he was talking about a penis.”

“Once the cameras stopped rolling though, that’s when it got a bit darker.  It was like a Roy Chubby Brown gig in his green room.”

Dalai Lama tells jokes

Executives at the Today Show have refused to divulge exact details of what happened next, but sources have told us that it involved a 90 minute ‘Yo Mamma’ marathon, and a series of escalating bad taste jokes about paedophiles.

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A spokesperson for the Dalai Lama told reporters, “Contrary to popular belief, the Dalai Lama has an excellent sense of humour, and requires more than just a weak, poorly translated pun in order to crack a smile.”

“But whatever you do, don’t give him your email address, or he’ll be forwarding this sort of shit to you forever.”

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