Private sector workers regularly get shafted so it’s only fair you should too, government tells public sector

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The government has insisted that it is perfectly reasonable for public sector workers to accept pension changes, job cuts and pay freezes, as it happens to private sector workers all the time.

Up to 750,000 public sector workers could take part in a co-ordinated strike later this month as they step up protests at being treated with the same sort of contempt that private sector companies show their employees all the time.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude was critical of the planned strike action and insisted that public sector workers should just “bend over and take it” like people who work in the private sector do on a daily basis.

“The private sector are always telling their employees that times are hard and that they have no choice to freeze pay or make job cuts, then in the same breath they’ll announce huge profits.”

“It’s this sort of piss-taking that we want to introduce to the public sector.”

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Public sector strikes

Private sector workers have offered some support for public sector workers, but suggested perhaps a different approach.

One tax payer told us, “I’m all for them protesting, but I’m not sure strike action is the way forward – I mean, if 750,000 of them down tools how will we even notice?”

Responding to claims by PCS union general secretary Mark Serwotka that staff were being asked to work up to eight years longer and accept a three-fold rise in their contributions, while also seeing their eventual payments halved, Mr Maude said: “Really? Haha, that’s top shafting!”

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