Gavin Henson elevates being a ‘laughing stock’ to an art form

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After confirming that Gavin Henson will play the central role in the UK version of The Bachelor, experts have insisted that the Welsh rugby international has become the laughing stock that all future laughing stocks will aspire to.

Henson, who is separated from amateur laughing stock Charlotte Church, will be looking to ‘meet the right girl’ in front of an audience of morons that channel 5 hope will run into the millions.

The Welsh Rugby Union said he was fulfilling a work commitment made before he was picked for the squad, before adding, “We’re not all like that, I promise you.  We didn’t even know about this, honest.”

The series will see 25 contestants compete through a number of rounds to assess their suitability as a partner, before Henson eventually picks the one with the biggest tits.

Producer Simon Matthews told us, “What people want to see is nominally attractive young women throwing themselves at a borderline simpleton whose day job is running into people as hard as he can.”

“It’s a ratings winner, I assure you.”

Henson The Bachelor

The show has come in for some criticism, mainly from people who won’t be getting their pick of 25 twenty-something women, but the show has been defended by it’s star, who told us:

“I just want to meet a nice girl, someone normal, who isn’t interested in being in the limelight and stuff – and what better way to do that than on a reality television show where every single girl just wants to be famous?”

“This is about true love, and I’m sure we all know at least one couple who met on a reality television show and went on to have a blissfully happy life together, right?”