Steve McClaren already well on way to perfecting Nottingham accent

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New Nottingham Forest manager Steve McClaren has surprised fans of his new club by conducting his first interview with a passable Nottingham accent.

The 50 year-old was announced as Billy Davies’ replacement on a three-year contract, and immediately set about convincing fans he has the necessary linguistic skills to be a success at the club.

McClaren told reporters in a stilted, yet impressive Nottingham tone, “Ah’ve set abart assessing the players, and have alreaday got myself an harse in the area.”

“Ahm committed to being the best manager for Nottingham Forest that ah can possibly be.  Or at the very least to sound like one.”

McLaren’s new accent

The high-profile appointment has received a mixed response from season ticket holders, with many unhappy at his performance so far.

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Lifelong fan Rob Dawson told us, “I’m not impressed, he sounds more like he’s from Leicester. If we wanted someone from Leicester we’d have gone for Dion Dublin.”

“I’m afraid he’s going to have to do better than that if he wants the backing of the hardcore fans. He’s had a few hours and so I expected much better.”

Forest Chief Executive Mark Arthur told reporters, “Steve has an incredible track record of perfecting accents both at home and abroad, and we’re confident he’ll be a success here given time.”

“Oh, and we’ve banned umbrellas from the City ground, in case you were wondering.”

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