MPs starting to take it up a notch

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After the nation became blasé about MPs stealing and committing expenses fraud, our elected members have begun taking it up a notch by becoming embroiled in sexual assault scandals.

The move is seen as an essential step for any ambitious MP seeking to differentiate himself among the 650 other elected members going about their shady business.

As one former MP told us, “We have millions of people simply shrugging their shoulders when they find out which borderline illegal activity their elected representatives have got themselves involved in.”

“A few alleged sexual assaults should get the attention firmly back on those of us being paid by the tax payer to make decisions that affect every tax payer.”

MP sexual assault allegations

The latest allegations have left many voters wondering exactly what our MPs will be accused of next.

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Our source continued, “I’d heard a rumour that Zac Goldsmith was planning to get a shotgun and go on a murderous rampage throughout Whitehall, but there was a concern he’d be shot by the armed response unit.”

“I’ve got to say that Andrew Bridgen has pretty much nailed it. Front of the newspaper, yet still alive to be the centre of attention.”

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