Africa planning fundraiser to aid UK’s drought-stricken gardeners

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Africa is to come together to raise awareness and funds for the plight of UK gardeners whose lawns are at risk of looking a bit dishevelled due to the drought currently decimating Britain’s flowerbeds.

Footage of dry lifeless grass and middle aged men in corduroy waistcoats wandering aimlessly around garden centres has tugged at the heart strings of countries like Ethiopia and Somalia, who are keen to offer their support.

“We don’t want to see a repeat of the scenes where gardeners were banned from using hosepipes, and people would have to walk literally yards to fill up containers with clean water.” said one fundraiser.

“The images of people filling their trolleys with bottled water will live long in the memory.”

UK hit by drought

Britains gardeners have welcomed any assistance, but have expressed concerns that the scale of the crisis is being ignored by the wider international community.

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“At this time of year attentions turn to summer fetes and village shows,” revealed one gardener.

“If something isn’t done, and quick, fruit and vegetable competitions will face devestation on a scale never seen before.”

Ethiopian fundraiser Damisi Nbuku told us, “We’ve just completed a powerful video in which we’ll be telling the African people that a donation of just one months salary can keep a northamptonshire lawn watered for nearly a week.”

“It’s a real tear-jerker.”

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