Texas police receive tip from psychic claiming they are far too gullible

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Police in Texas have received an anonymous tip from a psychic who claimed that they are far too gullible when it comes to people claiming to have magic powers.

The tip is being taken seriously as it contained detailed information about how Texas police have previously acted upon psychic tips.

Liberty County officials have called in the FBI in the hope they will have the resources to address what is believed to be one of the largest gullibility findings in US history.

Liberty County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Rex Evans said, “We have put the full resources of our department at the disposal of this investigation, as we’re confident that this particular psychic tip is definitely accurate.”

“People will say that this psychic is a fraud, but how could they possibly have known details about how we’ve previously listened to psychics?”

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Psychic accurate for once

Though details are sketchy at present, the psychic is said to have told police that they would find dozens of police vehicles and FBI officials completely wasting their time at an address 50 miles east of Houston.

The accuracy of the claim is said to have shocked state officials.

“I’m not a believer is psychics normally, but this is uncanny.  They knew exactly how many police would be there doing nothing, to the exact number.  How is that possible?”

Sceptic James Matthews said the result of the warning was a bittersweet one, “If it takes a warning from an anonymous psychic to stop them listening to anonymous psychics, then I suppose I should be pleased.”

“And no, you can’t see the last dialled number on my phone.”