Andy Murray to watch Wimbledon final in 3D

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The BBC will show the finals at this year’s Wimbledon Championships live in 3D, giving Andy Murray the opportunity to feel like he is actually there.

The matches will be shown in a free-to-air broadcast and will be available to Andy Murray and other viewers if they have access to a 3D TV and HD channels, and do not consider the experience too painful.

Danielle Nagler, head of BBC 3D said, “We wanted to give Andy a more realistic way of experiencing all the drama.”

“It looked like he may have had a chance of reaching the final this year, but Roger Federer’s return to form has given him a bit of a wake-up-call and this is our way of softening the blow.”

“So Britain’s number one will now be able to watch the player that beats him in the semi-final lining up against the player that would’ve beaten him in the other semi-final – all in glorious 3D.”

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Murray to watch 3D Wimbledon

Experts have said the technological development will see a male British tennis player feel like he is actually in the final for the first time in 75 years.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a British tennis player with a 3D television.” Said Lawn Tennis Associate spokeswoman Laura Williams.

“In many ways, the experience will be even better than playing in it.  You’ll be cooler, will have drinks on hand, and can switch over to see if there’s anything good on the other side whenever you feel like it.”

Fans of the Scotsman and other masochists have been assured that all of Andy Murray’s matches, including his semi-final defeat, will still be screened in 2D.

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