Ryan Giggs to receive special recognition award for services to tabloid media

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Ryan Giggs, idolised by football fans for generations, looks set to receive special recognition for his extraordinary contribution to British tabloid journalism this year.

The previously-unnamed married footballer has been in sensational scoring form with the headlines during the last few months, and many feel the time has come for him to be rewarded for his incredible efforts towards giving people something to write about.

Laura Percy, showbiz reporter for the Sun, expressed her gratitude, saying “Ryan’s really proven what an amazing player he is this year.”

“Just when we all thought he was getting too old and would have to give it up soon, he gives us something else to remind us that he hasn’t forgotten where the tabloids’ goal is.”

“My boss is even considering arranging a free super-injunction for him, as a thank you.”

United supporter Dean Simmonds had similar sentiments, “Many of us have been campaigning for years to see Giggsy to get the recognition those of us ‘in the know’ believed he deserved.”

“His consistent, show-stealing appearances in the headlines of the social media this season could be the final notch on his bedpost always wanted, so to speak.”

Playa of the year

The Welshman has always drawn great acclaim from the media for the success he has achieved throughout his career, although it seems that, despite all the hype in recent seasons, current revelations indicate that his playing ability has been underrated.

Presenter and legendary goal-scorer Gary Lineker joined in praising his colleague, “I always thought I was the ultimate ‘fox in the box’ from the British Isles, but Ryan’s current form and longevity surpasses anything I ever thought possible.”

“Not a week goes by at the moment without him providing yet another spectacular talking-point to distract us from berating England under Capello. He deserves everything he gets.”

But the final word must come from Giggs’ most devoted admirers – the United fans. They have long trumpeted the undeniable talent of their hero with the unforgettable banner, “Giggs: tearing you apart since 1991.”

It now seems unlikely that anyone will have the heart to argue with that.