Laws that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like are unfair, says Cameron

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Laws that are preventing Rupert Murdoch from doing what he damn well pleases are ‘unfair’ and ‘unsustainable’, the prime minister has said.

As the Sun newspaper returned to the High Court to ask for a super-injunction to be lifted, Mr Cameron appeared on ITV1’s Daybreak to try to influence any ruling in favour of his overlord.

“It’s rather unsustainable that a newspaper owned by Mr Murdoch is expected to operate within the laws of this land, or any other,” Mr Cameron told the programme.

“So it’s only fair that I do everything in my power – the power that he so kindly bestowed upon me – to do what he tells me to do.”

“I have already done my level best to allow him to gain total control over the media in this country and he has decreed that the next natural step is for him to influence the rule of law.”

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Whatever you say Mr Murdoch

Experts have suggested that a change in the law is now likely, given that Murdoch has given the subtle nod required to set the wheels in motion.

Privacy law expert Michael Battleby told us,”This won’t be an overnight process, far from it.  Any legislation will have to go through several drafts until Mr Murdoch is completely happy with it.”

“That could take months, and then the Prime Minister has to have that awkward conversation to try and get him to drop ‘except News International’ from any new restrictive clauses.”

“I’d suggest we’ll be looking to at least late August before Mr Murdoch can do whatever the hell he likes.”

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