Swindon Town to unveil statue of Mussolini

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Supporters of League Two football club, Swindon Town have reacted to the news that self-proclaimed fascist Paolo Di Canio is to be appointed as the club’s new manager by insisting that ‘he may be a fascist, but he’s our fascist’.

Some supporters have expressed concerns over the fiery Italian’s political leanings, but the majority have insisted they would happily accept Colonel Gaddafi as manager if it meant a swift return to the Championship.

“It’s only a bit of fascism for crying out loud,” said one excited fan.

“Sir Alex Ferguson campaigned for Labour under Tony Blair, but you don’t see him getting accused of war crimes!”

Fans have already begun a fund which will see a statue of Mussolini unveiled outside the County Ground before next season’s opener.

Season ticket holder Dave Williams said, “He might not have anything to do with Swindon Town, but it”ll make Paulo feel at home, you know?”

“Anyway, if completely out of place statues are good enough for Premier League Fulham, then they’re good enough for us.”

Swindon appoint Di Canio

As a player, Di Canio regularly attracted headlines for his antics, but he insisted that his political beliefs won’t stop him focussing on the task ahead.

“Those Swindon fans that are concerned about my fascist beliefs shouldn’t be too concerned,” he told the Swindon Advertiser.

“I am completely committed to managing West Ham, so if all goes to plan I’ll be gone in about 6 months anyway.”