Mothercare closures set to reduce number of men with a dead look in their eyes

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The announcement by Mothercare that it intends to close a quarter of it’s UK stores could lead to a reduction in the number of men seen ambling 10 yards behind their partners with a look in their eyes that would suggest they’ve have lost the will to live.

Men have welcomed the news, and spoken of their relief at not being in a situation where they have no alternative but to agree with absolutely every single suggestion put forward by their partner.

“I tried to disagree once,” revealed 32 year-old father of three David Maclaughlin.

“I made the mistake of saying that the cot bed that my wife wanted to buy was a bit on the expensive side, and that maybe we should consider going for a cheaper option.”

“I soon learned that buying any item that is not the most expensive item on the market is tantamount to child abuse. From that point on I realised that it’s safer to just nod.”

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Mothercare closures

However, it’s not all good news for men, as a Mothercare spokesperson revealed that they will continue to offer a wide range of online services.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We would like to reassure mothers that they can still shop from home and enjoy the authentic Mothercare experience from the comfort of their sofa.”

“In fact, the virtual experience might be more fun as they can still test whether their husbands are listening by asking their opinion on items such as buggies and travel cots whilst Match of the Day is on.”

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