Imogen Thomas claims affair was with George Best

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Imogen Thomas has torn up the super-injunction issued against her and a tabloid newspaper by telling the world that her married lover was football legend George Best.

Speculation has been mounting for weeks and the internet has been flooded with rumours as to the identity of the love-rat, but the ‘lady’ at the centre of the allegations has now revealed that it is the man many regard as the greatest never to have played in a World Cup.

“I have nothing left,” Thomas claimed outside of court, wearing a similar blue dress to the one made famous by Monica Lewinsky.

“My carefully constructed career and pristine public image are in ruins because people are saying that I’ll dine on the discharge of any sportsman’s dong in the hope of making a few quid.”

“And if that’s what my nana has to say about me then I have nothing to lose.”

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“So here it is – I had an affair with George Best.” Thomas declared. “And no, not the George Best that was MP for Rochester because he’s not famous enough for me to make much money from destroying his life.”

“I mean the George Best – the wing wizard with the rugged features,” she clarified.   “I accept no imitations.”

“Well, not unless I’m paid to do so.”

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