Facebook inspires couple to name ugly baby ‘De-tag’

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A couple from Israel have taken inspiration from social networking website Facebook by naming their heinously grotesque offspring ‘De-tag’.

Doctors first thought the child was the hideous result of some inter-species intercourse or alien hybridisation but tests have confirmed that the thing is in some way human.

The Facebook addicted parents responsible for the abomination have now come up with a name for the creature, from what they expect it to be doing for much of its life.

“Seriously, ugly isn’t even the word,” father Lior Adler admitted. “I don’t even know which end is which, if I’m honest.”

“That birth was probably the most horrifying experience of my entire life, and let’s not forget that I’ve lived my whole life in Israel.”

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Cute as hell

“It was a bit like the scene with John Hurt in Alien but I look at that face-hugger as being kind of cute now and I wouldn’t have minded raising that thing as my own.”

“It’s true,” mother Vardit Adler agreed. “When the placenta came out I was so pleased as I thought we had been blessed with its better looking non-identical twin.”

“Unfortunately the creature ate it and now we’ve been forced to take him/her/it back home with us.”

The couple have already come up with similarly inspired names for their next two children, those being ‘Unfriend’ and ‘Stalker-perv’.

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