Democrats keen for Donald Trump to ‘sleep on it’

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Democrats across the US have today urged Donald Trump not to do anything too hasty and to ‘sleep on it’ before removing himself from the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has told reporters that he and his hair will not be running for president in 2012, causing waves of disappointment throughout the Democrat organisation.

A senior Democrat told us, “Donald didn’t get where he is today by making hasty decisions, so we’d ask that he takes a while, think about it over the weekend, and if he still thinks he can’t help the Republican movement by standing for president, then come and see us a the Democrat headquarters and we’ll list the many, many reasons why he can.”

Democratic campaigner Mike Williams told us, “He has so much to offer the Democratic party, you know, what with all the television appearances, and his words and stuff.”

“It would be a shame for him to drop out right now before it even got interesting. We’ve got about a dozen hair gags we’ve not even come close to using.”

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Trump withdraws from the race

The move by Trump has brought an end the dream of Democrats everywhere of a Republican presidential ticket adorned with the words Trump and Palin.

“It has to be said that the Democrat dream ticket would obviously be Trump / Palin – in any order.  We could put up Bobo the Clown and win that race, so Obama would have it in the bag.”

“Palin can rally her Tea Party supporters as much as she likes, all Obama has to say in return is ‘I got bin Laden’ – Or, where’s Russia.”

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