Queen’s style on show with orange outfit for Irish visit

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Fashion experts have praised Her Majesty’s superb style once again after she selected a typically tasteful orange outfit for the historic visit to Dublin tomorrow.

Queen Elizabeth is often praised for her unique and inimitable flair but was upstaged at her grandson’s wedding by the arse of a commoner.

Now she hopes to make her presence felt in the world of fashion once again, by wearing a soft yet sophisticated tangerine number that will be sure to go down a storm in her first visit to the Republic of Ireland tomorrow.

“Her Majesty often likes to wear green,” explained Angela Kelly, one Queen Elizabeth’s eight personal dressers.

“But she has phoned ahead and found that the Irish President Mary McAleese will be decked head to toe in bright emerald green and may even by dying her hair that colour.”

Colour clash

“Of course, the Queen wouldn’t want to clash with her host and being left with the other two colours of the Irish flag, Her Majesty has opted for orange,” Mrs Kelly continued.

“Well, a white dress is never a good idea if there’s a good chance of an egg or two coming your way, plus she might be mistaken for the Pope.”

The Queen’s decision has drawn support from many people, including those who are not known for their own style or taste in the fashion department.

“Orange!” Reverend Ian Paisley agreed. “Although on this occasion I’d have gone for black and tan myself.”