Information for new government website provided by some bloke down the pub

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The content for a new website that aims to list all government information in one place has been provided by some bloke down the pub, who’s a mate of a fella whose cousin works at the council.

The website offers advice on such things as how to apply for a passport, the stages of divorce, and whether it’s possible to crossbreed a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a wolf.

The website currently has a disclaimer warning that the site may contain “errors, inconsistencies and inaccuracies” but government minister Francis Maude has insisted the site is not the “finished article”.

“The site is just a prototype, but it still has a lot of information that I’m sure people will have been completely unaware of,” he revealed

“I have to admit that I never realised that Cliff Richard is an Hermaphrodite.”

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Government website for ‘everything’

It is hoped that when the site is finished it will adequately replace the previous government websites which Mr Maude said “cost a lot” and were “incredibly difficult”.

“We inherited hundreds of websites all providing separate government services, and not one of them had any information about the contents of Marc Almond’s stomach after it was pumped.”

“It’s all about giving people what they want.”