David Laws denied access to heavily subsidised bar for 7 days

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Lib Dem MP David Laws should be denied access to the House of Commons subsidised bar for a period of seven days over his expenses claims, the commons standards watchdog has said.

The punishment will mean the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury will spend a whole torturous week having to buy beers, wines and spirits at the same price as everyone else.

Mr Laws, who claimed about £40,000 to pay rent to his partner, was spared a criminal investigation on the technicality that he isn’t a Labour MP.

There has been anger at the decision, with some claiming that it is far too lenient, but others have expressed sympathy for the MP for Yeovil.

David Laws suspended

former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy told reporters, “This is really bad week to be suspended from the the Commons catering facilities.”

“They’re having a one off curry night on Friday, and Guinness is on special at £1.75 a pint.”

“And you can put it all on a tab, so it’s not like real money. I’ve got an unpaid bill that dates back to 2007.”

Amongst those who have expressed anger at the leniency of the punishment was one peer who told us, “I think a more appropriate punishment than a ‘week off’ would be to make him sit through every single parliamentary debate for the entire week.”