Celtic boss Lennon paying for sins in a past-life, says Hoddle

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Former England manager Glenn Hoddle has suggested the campaign of violent hatred being waged on Celtic manager Neil Lennon must be down to sins he committed in a past-life.

Hoddle, who lost his post as England manager when he claimed disabled people were also paying for sins committed before they were born, said Lennon’s treatment was unlikely to be due to the embittered religious fragments of Christianity.

Instead, he believes the treatment meted out to the Northern Irishman is indicative of a man who threatened the very essence of civilization in a previous incarnation.

Hoddle told reporters, “I’ve been watching events unfolding up in Glasgow and I must say I have been shocked.”

“Quite obviously there is much more to it than the blood and thunder of the Scottish game, but to say its down to the good old Protestant v Catholic skirmishes that were supposedly a part of yesteryear is just lazy, real lazy.”

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Neil Lennon’s past life

Hoddle went on, “Its clear to me that when a man is subject to such a relentless, unprovoked and sustained campaign of terrifying violence – which sees him and his family under 24-hours police guard – that he must have erred in a monumental fashion in a past-life.”

“So to think what he must have done back then, well one can only guess at. Though Hitler was already dead by the time he was born, that’s all I’m saying.”

Hoddle went on to offer Lennon some words of advice that served him appallingly during his England tenure.

“I’m still in regular contact with Eileen Drury.”

“So when things can’t get any worse, a quick visit to Eileen makes you realise just how lucky you are that your previous incarnations weren’t total shits.”

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