Ben Foster to take a break from sitting behind England physio

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England goalkeeper Ben Foster has announced his plan to take a break from watching England games from a seat two rows behind Fabio Capello.

The Birmingham City stopper said that sitting down to watch a football match can take it out of a player, and leaves him little time to recover from the little niggles associated with spending ninety minutes on your backside.

Foster told reporters, “People don’t realise how exhausting it is to sit down to watch an England game.  If you’re stuck behind Crouchy you can spend the entire time fidgeting and trying to get a decent view.”

“Then there’s the walking to and from the coach that drives us everywhere, the luxurious hotels them make us stay in – there’s really no end to it all.”

“If I’m going to be in a position to help Birmingham City in their perpetual struggle against relegation, then I need to stop sitting down for extended periods of time with England every couple of months.”

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Foster’s bench break

The news is likely to give hope to other goalkeepers looking for an opportunity to sit behind England’s physio and watch Joe Hart in action.

West Ham’s Rob Green said, “I respect Ben’s decision, and I only hope I can make that seat on the bench my own. It’s warm and padded and they give you a blanket if it’s cold.”

“I tried writing my name on it at Wembley, but nobody was having any of it.”

Foster had the last word, telling reporters, “People will say there is no better view of the match than from the bench, but that’s rubbish. I plan to use the next year or actually enjoying England games by watching them on television.”

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