BBC Question Time heading to prison, what do you think?

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The BBC has created a controversy by announcing it is to broadcast its political panel programme Question Time from inside a prison for the first time.

Ten Wormwood Scrubs inmates and 10 staff will join 100 members of the public in the audience next Thursday.

We sent our reporters out on to the street to find out what you thought about Question Time going to a prison.

Woman on the Street“I think it’s great. Much like everyone else, I want to know what the panel think about the escalating price of sexual favours on D Wing.”

Dave Randel, Economist

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Man on the Street“About time too. I asked weeks ago if the cuts to police budgets went far enough, at least now I’ll have some audience support.”

Brenda Short, Anarchist

Man on the Street“I’m not a fan of the show to be honest, but I’ll watch it purely on the off-chance someone tries to make Dimbleby their bitch.”

Nick Logan, Voyeur

Woman on the Street

“I’ve been watching politicians on that programme for years, so hearing the opinions of criminals that are actually in prison will make an interesting change.”

Sheila James, Housewife

Happy Man

“I’ve been applying to be in the audience for months with no joy, so I’ve just mugged an old lady so I can be ready for Thursday’s recording.”

Max Haynes, Student

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