On the spot careless driving fines obviously won’t affect me, claim all drivers

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The police are to be given powers to issue on the spot fines to careless drivers, ensuring financial penalties will be applied to every single road user except themselves, every driver believed today.

Ministers said that all of those terrible drivers, not including you of course, often go unpunished for doing the sort of thing that makes you terribly angry behind the wheel and that you only do when it’s absolutely necessary.

Road user Tim Lawrence told us, “Let me start off by saying I’m an excellent driver, so this won’t affect me – but it seems I am beset on all sides by vehicular-mounted morons during my drive to work, so this law can’t come quick enough for me.”

“Anything that encourages other drivers to be more like me can only be applauded.  I mean, six points is practically ‘clean’ these days – I should be a role model.”

“You know, if they want an extra pair of eyes out there giving out fines, just let me know – I see this sort of thing every single day and giving out a fine would be much more satisfying than merely shouting ‘wanker’.”

On the spot fines

The are concerns that increasing the powers available to police forces might not be such a good thing.

“It doesn’t affect me, obviously, as I know how to drive, but are we sure that giving judge and jury powers to the police is a good idea? I mean, personally speaking I don’t care – but I can sort of see that this might not go as expected.”

Driver Reg Smith asked, “I just want to be clear, if you fine a woman – say a woman with surname like mine – is there any way her husband could be liable for the fine? No? Right, good, carry on.”