Flexible smartphone to revolutionise displays of self-importance

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A flexible smart-phone made of electronic paper is set revolutionise the way in which people repeatedly snub each other to promote their self-importance, according to Canadian researchers.

The PaperPhone – which triggers different functions when bent, folded and flexed at its corners or sides – will see conversations cut even shorter as users endlessly re-shape the device to highlight just how popular they are to people they couldn’t give a toss about.

Marcus Blakeley, who trialled the prototype said, “I can’t to see the faces of my friends who I’m always trying to out-do in the importance stakes.”

“I won’t actually show them, of course. But by making a series of flamboyant gestures in a nonchalant fashion on something that looks like the inside of a calculator, they’ll be utterly amazed and full of envy.”

“This is just the kind of bombshell my social circle has been waiting for.”

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Miniature dimensions

The PaperPhone can do all the things that its bigger and bulkier counterparts can perform such as send messages, play music and display e-books but due to its miniature dimensions, the function it excels in is getting lost.

“It’s true. In fact, the researchers told me that it has been misplaced again. It’s probably between the cushions on the sofa but I have a funny feeling that I blew my nose with it and threw it away again.”

“It can be a pain in the arse but who cares? It’s still going to be the must-lose phone of 2012.”