Unemployed Lib Dems already familiarising themselves with daytime TV

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Yesterday’s local elections have left a large number of Liberal Democrat councillors realising that they will have to get acquainted with Jeremy Kyle and the Loose Women, as well as programmes about antiques and houses that they can no longer afford.

Hundreds of Lib Dem councillors have since dumped the party manifestos that they didn’t even agree with and can now seen idly thumbing through TV guides in attempt to find something worth watching as they prepare for life out of office.

Gary Long, ousted party leader on Nottingham City Council, said “It’s pretty grim at first glance with lots of programmes about the same thing on at the same time before it all gets repeated on a six week cycle.”

“If it wasn’t for the few hours of Rastamouse, Peppa Pig and Pingu in the afternoons on BBC2 I’d probably go mad. It makes me glad I pay my TV licence.”

Sheffield’s Lib Dem council leader Dave Goddard was more upbeat about the lazy days that lay ahead.

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“If I’m unlucky enough to miss the morning broadcast of the Jeremy Kyle show on ITV 1, I don’t have to worry because those clever broadcasters have it repeated on ITV 2 at 1:30, and what’s more – you get a bonus episode!”

“It’s like a reward for staying in bed!” He enthused. “Just like the dole!”

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg conceded that it was a bad result for the party, but urged party members to “keep the faith”.

“The next couple of months could well be tricky, but once the school summer holidays start there’s the all-new Scooby Doo to look forward to and some action-packed adventures with those Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” he reasoned.

“Everyone just loves them but we all have our favourite. I only really like the blue one.”