Focus DIY struggling to find staff to tell them their jobs are at risk

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Representatives for Focus DIY have revealed that they have spent the last few days wandering around their 178 stores trying in vain to locate just one of their 3919 members of staff to tell them that they have gone into administration and their jobs may be at risk.

A spokesperson for the retailer confirmed that when they visited stores to break the bad news all they could see were customers wandering around with bits of paper or planks of wood desperately trying to find someone who could help them, in scenes described by one company representative as “a cross between Dawn of the Dead and DIY SOS”.

“We did find one man who was wearing one of our uniforms, but he told us he was on a break and we should ask at the customer service point.”

“Unfortunately when we got to the customer service point there was a sign that said ‘On a break back in 15 minutes’.”

The back door

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Customers have spoken of their difficulty in locating members of staff with one telling us, “It took me 4 hours to find someone to ask about the cost of laminate flooring. They told me that they would just go and check and they disappeared through a door at the back. That was two days ago now.”

“I don’t know what’s behind that door, but I daren’t go in there myself. I’ve seen people sneaking in, but nobody ever comes out.”

We phoned a store to see if we could speak with a member of staff, but a message informed us that they were on a break and to try again in 15 minutes.

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